Postwar flourescent bulbs
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Author:  paulrace [ Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Postwar flourescent bulbs

A reader writes:

Your site is amazing! You have obviously spent many hours collecting information for all to share. Thanks!

You may not be able to help me, but perhaps you can direct me to one who can. When I was very little, before 1st grade, my grandparents' christmas tree was decorated with the fluorescent lights made just after WWII. My parents threw them away years ago, but I've always longed for a tree "like grandma's." I have just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and because I may not have many christmases left, foolishly bought almost $600 worth of these lights on eBay. Now I am concerned about their safety. Ebay auctioneers state that one string requires 35 watts, which isn't a lot, but my son wants to use them in addition to modern white mini-lights. The strings look intact and are flexible and the plugs seem solid, but the plugs don't have a covering around the prongs, you can look inside them and see the wires. Should we make cardboard coverings for the plugs? Can we plug them into the modern lights or should we only plug them into each other and in a separate outlet? W
e want to use them on an artificial tree with soft plastic needles on wire stems. Is this OK? I now feel like my silly nostalgic indulgence may be courting disaster and would appreciate any guidance.

Joy unto you!
My friend Fred Fox of NoelKat, writes:

You can use them quite safely on an artificial tree as they put out very little heat. Just plug your mini lights last into the end of your Fluorescents and they will be fine. As long as nothing can get between the plugs of the Fluorescents, you don't need to worry about cardboard covering for the plugs. They are great lights, enjoy them.

(NoelKat is at: http://www.blujay.com/?page=profile&pro ... e=noel-kat)

Author:  paulrace [ Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Postwar flourescent bulbs

P.S. for folks who aren't familiar with these, there's a writeup near the bottom of the page at:





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