NOMA 32 inch horizontal socket miniature base tree
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Author:  paulrace [ Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  NOMA 32 inch horizontal socket miniature base tree

A reader writes:

My mother passed away a few years ago and we found an old pre-lit Noma Christmas tree. It is white with blue lamps (MAZDA lamps) and was Cat No. 532W. It is approx. 3 ft tall. We could not read the postmark date of when it was shipped. I was hoping to be able to find out a little more about it and it's worth. Is there anyone at Noma that can help me? It was actually purchased by my grandparents. My grandfather at one time owned a grocery store, so I am not sure if he bought it or it was a promotional item.

-----My response-----------------------

Thanks for getting in touch. I'm passing your note on to a friend who knows a lot more about this than I do, Fred Fox, who runs the Noel Kat online vintage Christmas decoration store. Also, it would really help if you could send me a photo. If you can, just hit "repy all" and attach it so Fred will see it too.

----------Fred's Response-------------

Sounds like a NOMA 32 inch horizontal socket miniature base tree. Value would vary depending on condition as the visca (what the branches are wrapped with) had a tendency to discolor and in some cases shed in particular if it had been one of the ones made during the 1950s as these were treated with fire retardant from the manufacture and this retardant caused deterioration of the visca over time. Original box condition and if it was still equipped with the original lamps which were stubby with a rounded end would also effect value. The NOMA Company only exist as a brand name and has not existed as a company since the mid 1960s so there is no one to contact. I could give you a better idea if you could send pictures.


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