Noma "Star of Bethlehem"
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Author:  paulrace [ Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Noma "Star of Bethlehem"

A reader writes:
A reader writes:

Hi, LOVE your site! Last year, I purchased a Noma "star of Bethlehem" dating to 1926 from the famous Papa Ted collection. It looks brand new, and completely original. It has c6 bulbs, and silk covered cord with red wooden stabilizing beads. To operate this thing, you must screw the socket into an existing set of C6 lights. I was wondering if it would work screwing the socket into a MODERN set of C6 lights? I don't want to alter the original, and don't want to use an antique set of C6 on the tree. PLEASE help! Thanks so much.

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Thanks for getting in touch. To jump right to your question, what do you mean by a "Modern" C-6 light set? They're not being made any more. The so-called C-6 light strands in the stores are LED strands that are shaped like C-6 bulbs, and no, you can't use that one. If you mean a strand that was made within the last 40 years and took C-6 series bulbs (about 14V@), that should work. HOWEVER, I'm going to forward your question to Fred Fox, my resident expert, who also runs the NoellKat vintage Christmas decoration site on Etsy. He knows more about electric Christmas decorations than most folks I know put together, so if he has any additions or corrections, listen to him, not me. :-)

Also, how many bulbs does the star have? That will help us calculate the correct voltage if you need to find an alternate source of power. - Paul

Author:  paulrace [ Tue Jan 06, 2015 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Noma "Star of Bethlehem"

The reader replies:

Wow, you rock! Thanks so much for your reply. Very valuable info about the C6, glad I didn't buy one from Target. They were on their website, so kind of hard for me to see the bases, but once I looked closely, I could see EXACTLY what you were talking about! Okay, my star is a NOMA, maybe 1926, has 5 C6 bulbs (flames), and all cloth covered wiring with a socket (looks like it was never used) to screw into an existing set of C6s. Help! Oh, it has a large metal star in the center with "Merry Christmas" cut out in the center of the metal star. Any help or sources that you can provide would be great. And yes, if you have any Shiny Brite queries, just let me know, I'm a pro, and have everything they ever manufactured! (yikes!)

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