Decorative Christmas Tree Lights
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Author:  gary-g [ Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Decorative Christmas Tree Lights

Just finished restoring this set. Box was really rough. Needed lots of patience to bring it back. Turned out ok I think. This is one of those sets that use the same box graphics on C-6 and C-9 but no C-7, at least none that I have found. Which is what interested me since I have the C-9 box. Also it has the original 39cent price sticker on it from Schramm-Johnson Drugs, which was (is) located in Salt Lake City. That is making it harder to date this set. The sticker, which also has a inventory number on it, came from a pricing gun. I am thinking this was probably sold towards the end of the C-6 era just to get rid of inventory. As a note the box was made by the Acme Folding Box Co. of New York (1931 to 1989). That being said lets look at the box. I have scanned the cover instead of a photo so that more detail will show up. There is writing across the top stating that these are "window lights 1935", could be? What really caught my eye was the stamp that can be seen across the candle flame on both sides which says " NO ADD ON". I have never seen this before. There is no add on plug so I am thinking that this may have been a screw in plug set and someone put the regular plug on it. This is a very large loop set which has a very long leader, almost five feet, so the changing of the connector makes sense. A very interesting set.

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